Private Sessions

“I had received Reiki before, but those sessions were nothing like this.
From the moment Risa put her hands on my head, I was completely relaxed.”

“I felt empowered by the Reiki session.” – John

Enegetic Touch Therapy

Energetic Touch Therapy is Reiki Master Kris (a.k.a. Risa) Candour's synergistic blend of healing modalities, based around Reiki, and including Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, sound healing and intuitive consultation.

The format of an Energetic Touch Therapy session is similar to a massage. The client lies fully clothed on a therapeutic table as Risa directs healing energy from her hands to his or her body, from head to feet, then to the person’s back and shoulders. Reiki is known as a gentle form of healing because the Reiki practitioner need only use light or no touch at all to transmit the healing energy.

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Moving her hands over the client's body like two beams of light, Risa allows her intuition to guide her until every area of the client's body is energetically cleansed and a healing energy is transmitted. In working within someone’s energetic field, Risa often receives intuitive information about a client’s body or life situation, which she relates to the client.

Risa's style of healing is meticulous. She specializes in thorough, holistic sessions which last 2 hours as she has found the standard offering of one hour sessions to be insufficient clock time for a client’s complete healing and relaxation. 

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It is important to note that it is not Risa at all who provides the healing. Risa simply uses energies of high vibration to raise the frequency of the client and remind the soul and body of its natural state of perfect health and bliss. She facilitates the natural healing process by acting as an intermediary between the client and powerful healing energies, one of which is Love.

The powerful energy Risa channels balance the chakras, consume negative energies (including dis-ease), and instill positive energies. These positive energies have the power to help people realize their physical, mental, and spiritual potential and improve all levels of interpersonal relationships.

According to the client's needs, Risa may use also the vibrational frequencies of sound, from instruments to her voice, as a tool for healing.

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Clients' experiences vary, but typical reports include:

• An experience of nurturing heat from Risa's hands, accompanied by light, sparkles or color
• Seeing visions or dreams during the session that clarify past or present challenges
• Intense feelings of relaxation, love, and emotional freedom during and after the session
• Release from aches and pains
• Renewed clarity of mind
• Enhanced ability to make decisions
• Openness to giving and receiving love

Preparation for your session

No special preparation is required to gain the benefits of an Energetic Touch Therapy session. However, it is wise to arrive well-hydrated and wearing comfortable clothing. Shoes must be removed, but socks may be worn if desired.

Distance Healing

Because the universal life force energy used in Energetic Touch Therapy is not restricted to any particular locale, it is possible for the healing practitioner and the client to be separated by a distance, and yet still experience a healing session together. This is known as remote or distance healing. Prime Meridians offers remote healing experiences for those with whom it is impossible or inconvenient to conduct an in-person session. These sessions last one hour and may be conducted at any time, no matter what activity you are performing. Only your city and name are required to transmit the energy. Call or e-mail Prime Meridians to arrange a distance session for yourself or someone else.  

Treatments for companion animals (pets)

Animals are much more sensitive to their environments than humans are. Sometimes, they need healing, just as humans do. Reiki is an "alternative" therapy that can relax nervous tension, help to restore health, and enhance quality of life. Reiki has been used to help animals who are terminally ill experience less discomfort. While Reiki is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care, it is a worthwhile complement. Reiki is also preventative care and "a treat" for well pets. Many cats and dogs bliss-out in delight while receiving a Reiki session! Some people have found Reiki to be an effective remedy to their furried companion's behavioural problems. Prime Meridians offers Reiki sessions at your home or veterinarian's office. Give the animal in your life a Divine gift!


Times and Fees

2-hour session & consultation: By Donation ($85 suggested, less for students or limited income)
1-hour session (available for remote/ distance clients only): By Donation ($60 suggested)
½ hour companion animal session at your home or veterinarian's office: By Donation ($40 suggested)

Home and hospital treatments are available in most areas. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 778-938-4283 or e-mail

It was so relaxing!” Kristen

Risa is an exceptionally-gifted healer and an inspiring source of unconditional love.  
A session with Risa is an experience that you'll never forget!”