Music and Sound Healing

“Menos averigua Dios, y perdona. Los aplausos son redundantes.” – Santiago

Music is not only the world’s most prolific art form, it also an incredible healing agent. The frequencies of music and simple sounds can resonate with your frequencies to provide a distinctive and holistic healing experience.

Prime Meridians offers private and group sound healing experiences. Sound healing is offered as a companion treatment to Energetic Touch Therapy sessions. In addition, The Music Therapy for the Chakras group is held periodically. Participants in this group share the profound experience of vocally toning (chanting) sounds that invigorate the chakras, together. These meetings are led by Reiki Master and vocalist Kris (Risa) Candour. Contact us to join the group!

Special, uniquely focused sound healing treatments are also available, including:

  • Blessings and invocations
  • Throat-chakra reactivation for speakers, musicians and actors
For more information, e-mail Prime Meridians or call 778-938-4283.

“Powerful energy and a deep inner trip.” – Jara