Frequently Asked Questions

“What are chakras?”

Chakras are known as spinning wheels of energy. There are hundreds of invisible (to most people) chakras protruding from your body, but 7 main chakras located along the mid-line of your body. They each serve critical functions related to your physical and mental health and abilities, your emotional wellbeing and your social and spiritual connections. Unbeknownst to many people, the energy within and surrounding the body directly affects your quality of life. If your chakras are closed when they should be open, or cloudy with negative energy (“bad vibes”), then generally something will be lacking in your physical or mental health, your social life or your spiritual wellbeing. Left unchecked, this could result in pain, disease, depression, or a host of undesirable conditions.

“What are meridians?”

Meridians are the channels running up and down your body through which energy flows. Energy work—directing positive, cleansing energy through the channels of the meridians and into the chakras—is a therapeutic way to maintain good health on this level of your being. And at this level, energy affects many aspects of your life, including the health of your physical body.

“What is energy work?”

Energy work is a holistic method of natural healing. It is a branch of alternative therapy that uses energy as the therapeutic tool. Reiki is one of the most popular forms of energy work. Energy work is based on the philosophy that the body and its parts are not singular, mechanical components, but comprise a “holistic” system, and that this system is connected to much, much more.

“What does 'holistic' mean?”

The holistic approach to health focuses on all aspects of a person, rather than denying the system and focusing on a symptom. It addresses not simply the physical, but also the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of a person, and it sees these components, including all body parts and organs, as part of a whole. The holistic approach acknowledges the capacity for complete healing in every being; it believes that the natural state of all beings is one of perfect health. Holistic medicine also recognizes that physical ailments and injuries may have origins that are not physical at all.

“What is an energy work session like?”

Energy work is becoming a popular branch of alternative medicine because of its gentle nature. The energy contains the healing property, not the muscular manipulation or pressure of the practitioner (as is the case with a bodyworker such as a massage therapist). Therefore, the energy worker need not use any pressure from her hands. In fact, most energy work practitioners use a very light touch or even no touch at all as they transfer the energy to a client (who is usually reclining on a massage table or chair). Mysteriously, the client can feel the energy without the Reiki practitioner physically touching him. The practitioner methodically works over the client’s body until the energetic cleansing is complete. The gentle quality of the energy allows the client to completely relax... Stress and problems just seem to melt into the hands of a skilled energy worker!

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“How does it work?”

Human beings are energetic beings, comprised of energy. In fact, everything and everyone in the Universe is vibration—vibrating energy. This is what makes energy work possible. Energy work is usually channeled, that is, a healer acts as “a means of passage” for energies that come from various places in the Universe. The energies come through the healer’s hands and are directed towards a client, or, the recipient of the healing.

Energy work interacts with the energy system of the body that is integrated within and around the physical body. The “organs” of this energetic system are the chakras, and the meridians are its “veins.” Energy travels throughout the body through the channels of the meridians, and in and out of the chakras, the body’s holistic centers. Energy work clears, opens, strengthens and adjusts the chakras of the recipient. It also regulates and balances the flow between different chakras. From maintaining physical health and emotional well being, to accelerating the pace of one’s spiritual and intuition development, energy work’s focus on the chakras is what makes it effective and more all-encompassing than more conventional therapies.

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“Is Reiki for me?”

Reiki is a form of natural healing in which powerful, transformative, universal life force energy is guided through the Reiki practitioner to the client.  Life force energy is that which helps transform a baby into an adult, or a seed into a fruit.  A healing treatment utilizing universal life force energy can help transform the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of your life, providing a holistic avenue for growth.

Reiki is one of the most popular forms of energy work, due to its powerful nature and its effectiveness. Unlike some of the more passive forms of energy work, a recipient can actually feel the energy as it enters their energetic field. A very sensitive client can feel the energy as it travels down the meridians and flows through his or her body, working on the muscular structure, organs, and energetic system.

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Reiki has the paradoxical effect of both energizing and relaxing the client. Acupuncture is another alternative therapy from the East making its way into mainstream popularity in the West. It generally uses needles to stimulate energy flow in a client’s energetic body and to relieve pain. Unlike Acupuncture, Reiki causes no discomfort while boosting the flow of one’s life force energy. Reiki improves your vitality and clears areas where the body is storing negative energy (which often causes pain or disease).

In addition to healing and relaxing a client at the level of the physical body, Reiki works on one’s energetic system of chakras and meridians. Thus, it also helps to enhance one’s spiritual growth—one’s understanding of one’s self and his or her connection to the universe. With this understanding and the relaxing energies of Reiki comes mental clarity and inner peace, the tools needed to live consciously with greater joy and ease.

“Do I have to believe in Reiki for it to work for me?”

No. Many skeptics have tried Reiki, and found it to be a relaxing, enjoyable and interesting experience. Sometimes, an energy work session results in expanding a skeptic’s perception of the world we live in and what is possible.

Christians, agnostics, and atheists alike have tried Reiki and loved it because everyone likes to feel vibrant, healthy and relaxed. Everyone benefits from a Reiki session. Some feel the benefits acutely and some may only see the effects of a session after time—or a lifetime—has passed. However, just as no good deed ever goes unrewarded, every Reiki session has a positive effect on the recipient. Often, the client notices that a Reiki session has effects on multiple levels—a holistic healing takes place.

“I was skeptical going in, but I could feel the heat from Risa’s hands.”
– Ian

“The Reiki itself was incredibly relaxing and intense. Afterwards Risa discussed what she had felt which gave me a lot of insight into the direction I wanted my life and career to go.  Since the session, I have been nicer to others, thinking more clearly, and I’ve been able to deal with my break-up in a healthy, non-destructive way.”
– Robyn