Contacting Prime Meridians

Prime Meridians is based in the Gastown area of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Appointments are necessary; call or e-mail for the exact location.

Phone: 778-938-4283


Float Like a Butterfly: In-Person and Distance Healing Available Around the Globe

You don’t live in Vancouver?

Because of its mission to serve beings all around the globe, the services offered by Prime Meridians are often made available in other locales. Announcements about upcoming classes, workshops and visits around the world are made via the Prime Meridians mailing list. Send an email to be added to the mailing list, or to request a visit to your area. Visits are sometimes arranged following requests.

But you need not wait until Prime Meridians comes to you. The energy used in Reiki healing treatments is not restricted to any particular locale, so it is possible for the healing practitioner and the client to be separated by a distance, and yet still experience a healing session together. This is known as remote or distance healing. Prime Meridians offers remote healing experiences for those with whom it is impossible or inconvenient to conduct an in-person session. These sessions last one hour and may be conducted at any time, no matter what activity you are performing. Only your city and name are required to transmit the energy. Call or email Prime Meridians to arrange a distance session for yourself or someone else.