Classes and Workshops

“Risa [is] a very wise and high-vibe healer.” – Jennie

“Risa is an inspirational ball of energy.” Loren

To sign up for a Reiki class or a Raising Your Frequency Workshop or for more information, call the teacher Reiki Master Risa Candour at 778-938-4283 or email Prime Meridians.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a method of natural healing using energy. The word Reiki is Japanese, as the man who “discovered” the energy, Dr. Mikao Usui, was of Japanese origin. Rei means “ghost” or “spirit” in Japanese. Ki has the same meaning as the more commonly used word ch’i, which is “life force energy.” Life force energy is that which animates all living beings and living organisms. It brings everything and everyone alive to life. Reiki uses “universal life force energy” as a tool for healing. Reiki can be used on any being, from humans to domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. It is also sometimes used to clear the energy in a physical space, or to bring a higher vibration into a situation.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

How does one learn Reiki?

Students are initiated into the practice of Reiki by “attunements” given to the student by the teacher. An attunement is the student’s recalibration—of sorts—to the universal energies of Reiki to which it is everyone’s spiritual birthright to access. After receiving their attunements, students can literally harness the world of energy at their fingertips. It is like turning on a light switch: Prior to an attunement, a person is unable to channel Reiki energy through his or her hands, and following the attunement, the person is a Reiki practitioner.

Concurrent with the attunement, students are taught how to handle these energies and use them to improve the holistic health of themselves and others. Anyone can become attuned and channel Reiki. But it is his or her training that will determine to a great extent how skillful the healer will be at using and interpreting the energies (and the information contained within them) to help the healer or others. A thorough training in Reiki is not only a blessing for the student, but of benefit to the world. It is essential that more and more people exist on the planet who can bring forth high vibrations.

Prime Meridians offers life-altering education for future Reiki practitioners and Masters! The instructor, Reiki Master Kris (Risa) Candour, is dedicated to providing the best education possible for each student.

Learn about Risa's training as a Reiki Master.

Topics covered in the various levels of Reiki classes include:
• The Energetic System: the chakras and meridians
• The art of channeling
• Hand positions
• The Reiki symbols
• Karma and karmic clearings
• Self-healing
• Healing others
• Appropriate protection for the healer
• Intuitive development for “reading” the energetic field

Reiki is often taught one-on-one. If you are interested in taking a class and those scheduled do not work for you, e-mail Prime Meridians and we'll set up a class for you according to your schedule.

Reiki Class Fees

All fees are suggested amounts. Prime Meridians is accepting donations for all classes and services at present.

Reiki I: $70 (Class + first Reiki treatment: $130)
Reiki II (includes an essential Karmic Clearing session): $280
Reiki III (Master Level): $333

*Note: Anyone wishing to take a Reiki class (at any level) is required to experience an Energetic Touch Therapy session, in order to clear and prepare the student’s energetic field for channeling, as well as to provide a demonstration for the student’s training. Prospective students who have never had a healing session with Risa should schedule a treatment when signing up for a Reiki class. Cash or check payments are accepted in person and sometimes by mail. Call 778-938-4283 or e-mail Prime Meridians to arrange this.


The rate of vibration on the planet is accelerating and affecting all of us. We must to begin to match the speed! This workshop will cover ways to raise your frequency and use the current planetary shifts to your advantage. Kris (Risa) Candour was inspired to lead this workshop after the ideas for it began to come to her in the middle of meditations. She shares important, vital knowledge and guidance for these times.

Topics covered in this workshop:

• What it means to "raise your frequency"
• Why it is imperative for people to raise their frequencies NOW
• Easy ways to raise your frequency... and some not-so-easy ones
• Sound (vibrational) healing techniques

Workshop Fee

$55 total (suggested). Advance registration is strongly recommended to reserve your place in the workshop. Cash or check payments are accepted in person and sometimes by mail. Call 778-938-4283 or e-mail Prime Meridians to arrange cash or check payment. Space is limited. Register today!

“I felt a great relief and peace and sense of well-being from the experience. I also became aware of some valuable life lessons
in the process that I have been able to incorporate daily, to help to keep me in a balanced state of mind, 
especially when I find myself facing difficult life situations.”
Anne Marie