About Prime Meridians

“I have been to several Reiki and energy healers but my experiences with Risa Candour have been the most profound. She taps into a very deep level of energy which comes through as an intense feeling of calm.  Risa is a wonderful healer. I always walk away from my sessions with her feeling renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend her.” – Stacy

“I saw the results of my session leak out into my life for the next several days." – Zoe


The mission of Prime Meridians is to advance the holistic health, bliss and spiritual growth of beings all around the globe through healing and education. The logo, a butterfly bearing the symbols of illuminated chakras, highlights the method of Prime Meridians to flit and flutter around, bringing high vibrations and beauty to various places.

Don't know what chakras or meridians are? See the FAQ!

The purpose of Prime Meridians is to serve people and nonhuman animals, to facilitate their health and happiness and to support spiritual growth and transformation. The intention is to create a “butterfly effect” – ripples of bliss!

Prime Meridians is the service of Certified Reiki Master Kris (Risa) Candour. Risa, a down-to-earth teacher, traveler and facilitator of healing, offers energy treatments and classes intended to:

  • Inspire inner joy
  • Provide deep relaxation
  • Release stress
  • Relieve pain
  • Increase vitality
  • Clear the mind
  • Balance the emotions
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Disperse energy blockages
  • Help develop spiritual awareness
  • Empower other healing facilitators

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About Kris (Risa) Candour

(photo by Patrick Hemingway)

In this time when many are experiencing a tremendous growth of consciousness, certified Reiki Master Kris (Risa) Candour had her third eye yanked open by a series of synchronistic events that led her to her purpose on this Earth—to help heal and teach others. Knowing that she wanted to help people, Risa earned a Master's degree in Nonprofit Management, but after working for social change at different organizations, she had the feeling that something was missing.  A chance encounter with an intuitive, seated next to her on a flight, encouraged her to be open to other ways to be of service. 

Setting aside her skepticism, Risa went searching for answers at a meditation retreat, where she met a friend who would later become her Reiki instructor. Returning from the retreat, Risa was introduced to a spiritual counselor who blessed her with the understanding that she has the power to be a channel for healing energies.  He more specifically stated that through her hands, her voice and her intention she can help transform spaces and people.  She began to develop these skills and others soon confirmed the counselor's vision. Risa realized that she had not found her calling, but it found her. 

Risa was trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Reiki by a very powerful healer—a thrice-certified Reiki Master in New York City. Risa enjoyed a one-on-one student-sensei-type relationship with her teacher. She was attuned to all three levels of Reiki (to the Master level), through a series of in-person meetings in which her teacher would divulge everything he knew about the energy, its purpose and origins, the art of channeling and the human energetic field. Risa’s teacher oversaw her first hands-on experiences with clients. Risa strives to cultivate the kind of close, empowering teacher-student relationship she is blessed to have had with her teacher.

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Subsequently, Risa was trained also by another Reiki Master in Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. Risa received Master-level certification in this as well, through a series of in-person classes. Other energy methods that Risa has been trained in include Quantum Touch and Therapeutic Touch. She is also a singer and uses the frequencies of music as a therapeutic and meditative tool.

Sweet music: Hear for yourself the healing properties of music and sounds.

Many Reiki Masters, intuitives and seasoned healers have found Risa’s sessions to be unlike any Reiki session that they have ever experienced—they say her work is more intense. She travels frequently and has taught classes and given energy work sessions around the world.

“Some very intense and healing heat comes out of Risa’s hands—and it felt like she was working on multiple areas at once,
like she has four hands!”
– Marc

“It felt like I was being wrapped in a big blanket of Love. The force is strong with Risa.”Erica